Role of Friction in Fracture


 Currently, pursuing research in understanding the role of friction in the propagation crack.Here are couple of questions that I have been trying to answer through my research,

  1. What happens when a pre-existing flaw gets closed under remote compressive stress? 
  2. How the interaction between flaw faces affects the failure of materials?   and so on.

The expected outcomes of the research will have a wide range of application such as modeling earthquake fracture, fracture of porous structure under compression etc.   

3D Printing Technologies To Produce Innovative Limbs At Affordable Costs for the Disabled in India



I have worked on the proof of concept of developing prosthetic leg for Below Knee Amputees using Photogrammetry and 3D Printing route. The aim of the project was to facilitate low cost prosthetic leg with ease fabrication for amputees in India.

Designed 1st Prototype of Reverse Engineering Work Bench that Facilitates easy and controlled capturing of images of residual limb  Carried out Effective Elastic Properties Prediction using Homogenization Method 

Design and Development of Wind Turbine Test Rig for Condition Monitoring Studies


I have  worked on the project titled "Condition Monitoring of gear systems in wind turbines using machine learning and pattern recognition techniques" during my masters. The project included the design of a wind turbine test rig that mimics actual operating condition as well as fault diagnosis of its critical components using vibration condition monitoring. The vibration condition monitoring was performed on the vital components of the wind turbine test rig. Vibration signature acquisition, signal processing, feature extraction and use of classification techniques for decision making were my key responsibilities involved in the project. I had made use of time domain analysis, time-frequency analysis (Discrete Wavelet Transformation), Artificial Neural Network (ANN) in the project implementation.

4D Simulation- ISRO Second Vehicle Assembly Building (SVAB)

3D Model of SVAB @ ISRO


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